Asset Restitution International, LLC (ARI), is a newly formed Florida LLC formed for the purpose of working on asset recovery and restitution projects. More specifically, ARI is involved in a wide verity of International projects including the excavation of “The Treasure of Stechovice” and indemnification of German Bonds.

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Asset Restitution International (ARI) has already begun working on the excavation of Nazi tunnels by drilling through several layers of the earth’s crust. The team found Third Reich made, non-indigenous rock after drilling several meters down. The team then ran a series of tests on the sites including a resistivity tomography investigation and found evidence of a large underground tunnel. ARI has gone through extensive measures to obtain land contracts and digging permits from the Czech Republic. They have also done everything in their power to make sure that any found assets are properly handled, preserved, and returned to their rightful owners.

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Gold, paintings, and records relating to Third Reich Swiss Bank accounts, are only a handful of objects that could be resting in these caves/tunnels.

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